Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford, UK
Course: Foundations of Public Policy
Responsibilities: Seminar leader and paper grading


University College, Oxford, UK
Undergraduate Course: Intro to the Theory and Practice of Politics
Responsibilities: Tutor


University of Düsseldorf, Department of Social Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany 
(Spring, 2015)
Full Course: Theories of Democracy and Representation
Responsibilities: Course design and delivery


European University Institute, Florence, Italy
(September 2014)
Teaching Training Certificate, Accredited by London School of Economics


City University of New York, EU Studies Center, New York, USA  Link to video 
(February 2014)
Workshop: Introduction to the EU
Responsibilities: Workshop design and delivery  


University College Dublin, School of Philosophy, Dublin, Ireland
(September-December 2007)
Undergraduate Course: Philosophical Anthropology
Responsibilities: Teaching Assistant and Examiner